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15,000 Partners

4,000 in each region

August 5th to Sept. 16th

Each Regional Office director will visit 'NEW' offices within each respective region & participate in Regional Conference(s) as well as our Annual National (where partners from all 4 Regions meet).




Sept. 16th, 23rd, 30th &  Oct.7th

Locations: TBA

1st Annual National

December 16th

Location: TBA


*Dates subject to change

Note: Technically, expanding to PHASE 6 will complete in a calculated 42 days with only 5 Quick Connects (QC) each. Participating in such exciting expansion brings a little more than 600 people into each regional network weekly. 5 people whom have simply completed stage 3 (in 1 Day) accomplish this with 125 partners each duplicated  exponentially weekly. Focus. 5 Referrals is all you 'NEED'. 5 become 25 becomes 125.

INTERNATIONAL U.S OPERATIONS Vision Manifest executives project network partner stability boasting more than 9,.7 Million Partners in a completely expanded network with 10 levels by December, 2017. Helping others is the #1 way these numbers will insure your success as a partner keeps generating currency & distributing your compensation. Enjoy amazing people with facts & simple success.

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