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*Income Activation Orientations (IAO) are generally scheduled, for each team, on Saturdays in the morning and/or afternoon. *Income Orientations  (designed to share income program details & give 'NEW' Quick Connect (QC) Partners from Saturday orientation Bonus Pay) are conducted Monday thru Thursday all day long to complete Quick Connect (QC) within 1st day or week.

Friday Productivity Meetings are at 1pm

*CASH investments must be reported to your local and/or regional office. When giving your initial $100.00 during Orientations, it is returned to you with an additional $100.00 or you are scheduled for a day (Mon - Thurs) in the following 7 day span for bonus distribution to insure your Instant Investment Return (IIR) is received. When giving your investment, the partner you are dealing with should immediately call your application into the local office & provide you with a 'NEW' partner ID#.


  When referring, activating and/or hosting an assessment or activation orientation, when you receive cash from a 'NEW' partner (in any denomination), you must call it in (with the 'NEW' partner application. The office will give you a partner ID# for the 'NEW' partner immediately & open a partner profile. Profile information is sent to the 'NEW' partner email within 24 hours, however, insure you provide  their ID# on the application & genealogy chart as you Quick Connect (QC) their 1st 5 for residual income activation & immediate Bonus distribution.


You may verify your investment income has officially been received & entered into the corporate computer by contacting your local office and/or (888) 225 9490. Partners. After activating 'NEW' partners, Saturday Income Activation Orientations (IAO) & Income Assessment Orientations (IAO), call your local office and/or regional office to schedule a cash pickup for cash over $100.00. An official operations Agent & armed officer are dispatched to your location. You may also give the Agent any paperwork that has been completed so that we can enter 'NEW' partners into our same day update system.

Partnership is not required to refer a 'NEW' Partner, however, You 'MUST' have completed activating your

own partnership before you can  activate partners or receive compensation (bonus or residual).

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