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Goal. PHASE 1-4, 4-7 and/or 7-10 PHASE Completion in 1 Day by Leading Partners

E MATRIX 1 Organizational Expansion Structure

'ONCE' You compete your application & fill in your Genealogy Chart, insure your 1st 5 Quick Connect (QC) Partners do the same thing. Then you will have 5 Genealogy Charts. Great for In house org. Fundraising!!!

Remember: Your 1st 5's 1st  Level is Your 2nd

                      Your 1st 5's 2nd Level is your 3rd

Simply insure your 1st 5 Completely fill in their Chart & Insure their 1st 5 do the same thing. Duplicate this to the 4th & 5th Level

When you Get to PHASE 6 & COMPLETE

You go home (in 'ONE' ) Day with $17,750.00






$17,750 (In 1 Day)










1st Level

2nd Level

3rd Level

4th Level

5th Level

To the 10th Level

Each $100 Initial Investment

is Paid to you & 'NEW' Partners (in percentages) as Bonus(es) in Each Level increasing Your (and each Partner) Partner Acquisition Bonus(es).

Insure each Partner has filled in their Application & placed names on their Genealogy Chart & Helped their 1st 5 Quick Connect (QC) Wealth Support Team Partners do the same thing. while maximizing Fast, orderly efficiency in generating Bonus & Residual Income by completing  your organizational expansion.

SECRET: To complete the 4th to 6th and/or 7th to 10th levels quickly, already have your partners names on your genealogy chart & the named, organizational members and/or persons fill in their individual charts as well before activating. This way, everybody can see (before investing their consideration) who they are connected to & what percentage in Bonus Pay (as well as amount) they are  receiving instantly (in 1 day) resulting from their return. The Investment & the Return (all at 'ONE' Income Activation Orientation (IAO). When done this way, the Payment Processing Addendum (PPA) are automatically processed from the 1st residual distribution. You & all Partners at 'ONCE' begin receiving recurring perpetual income (again & again) each month.

When we already have who is placed documented, before we present (and/or even ask for) Currency Consideration Responsibility (CCR), we can make any necessary adjustments to the original growth model then Activate & collect instant Bonus(es) according to what level&where each partner is placed.

Remember: Those coming in & Partnering on the 10th Level are in their 1st Level. Insure each Partner in the 9th Level & 10th Level are Helping (as we did with our 1st 5 & 2nd Level) their 1st 5& 2nd Level. This will complete their activation process & insure perpetual duplication, Bonus & payment for them as well.


Tip: No matter how many organizations any 'ONE' partner belongs to and/or is partnered with, Bonus & Residual from INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Vision Manifest is received as extra investment income.

TOOLS: Once Activated, insure you have contacted corporate, your regional office and/or executive Partner for Company Email, 800 Toll 'FREE' #, Business Cards, Office Access (Locally, Regionally & Nationally) and/or other Tools distributed to each 'NEW' Partner (Mandatory). Use the Service Order form. Also insure you (& each Partner) has completed the Confidentiality Form, Payment Processing Addendum (PPA)

MASTER: Master Partners print 30 Genealogy Charts (or fill in the online group form/online Genealogy form), meet with 30 (your 1st 5 with 5=30) & insure partner forms are complete. Once the Partners with complete Genealogy Charts are activated & done, they receive Bonus & are 'FREE' to go home then completing charts for those just partnered. Duplicate for 25-125 or More, Etc.

Your second Level is your 1st 5's 1st Level. Your 3rd Level their 2nd.

Your 4th Level is your 1st 5's 1st 5's 1st Level. Your 5th Level is Your 1st 5's 1st 5's 2nd Level

Simply insure you fill in your Genealogy Chart completely & each 1st 5 Partner does the dame thing.

Help Your Partners & share all the information with them so they do the same thing & duplicate results.

Completing Levels (up to 5) or more in 1 Day


*This is a exert (piece). Partial calculation module

In 1 Day?

How Many Levels Can you COMPLETE

How Much Bonus Pay will you take home when you 


Your Income?


Family Members


Team Mates

Cheer Leaders

Choir Members

Orchestra Musicians

Band Mates

Church Members

Club Members


Existing Customers

Fraternal Brethren

Sorority Sisters

Police Officers

Organizational Agents


Radio Listeners

& More ...

Note: Let 'US' Help you  or fill in your Genealogy Charts & submit them to 'US' for instant Bonus Pay & residual Monthly income activation. Contact 'US'

Completion Technique

It's always easy for 1 person to complete PHASE 1 & PHASE 2. Even PHASE 3 for those whom quickly grasp the concept, have done this type marketing before, are connected to organizations that are used to and/or familiar with working together & often network with each other & others. Complete PHASE 1 & 2 (fill in your Genealogy Chart). Show each Quick Connect (QC) 1st 5 partner your connected to what you did, help them complete theirs, show them how to do the same thing and your done! Your 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th levels complete when they Help their 1st 5 Help their 1st 5. Simple! Don't try doing it yourself all on your own.

'NEED' Hands on Help with connecting your 1st 5 organization, group, meeting 'NEW' potential partners and/or using the Quick Connect (QC) Pool?

Call/Text (909) 680 6271 

Global Expansion Team


Group? Any. Ask about Master Team Expansion.




     or more 

Monthly Residual



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