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Org. Income Genealogy

Profile Information

Organized Online Office

Direct Deposit Information

Credit Card Account

Income Pay Schedule

Orientation Schedule

Ordering & Forms

Total Partner Count

Partner Count by Level (1-10)

Total Bonuses Paid (Date(s) & Amount)

Bonuses Paid to Date (By Level)

Total Residual Percentages by Level

Current Residual Generated

Total Residual Income Generated

Total Bonus & Residual Pay to Date

Activate a Partner: Placement selection,start date, amount invested, 1st 5 (Bonus & Residual)

Organized Online Office (Email, 800#, Office location address, team members opening office, cards order form, forms order links, company information, news)

Profile Information: Name, Start Date, Everything on Application

Direct Deposit Information: Financial Institution Information

Credit Card Account: Cards we distribute information (Link to card account)

Bonus Percentages: Amounts paid in your team (subject to change)

Residual Percentages: Residual Percentage amounts paid you in each level (*stc)

Total Rep Count: How many reps you currently have in your organization

Rep Count by Level (1-10): Partner count in your organization (by level)


Residual Percentages by Level: Your Residual Pay amount by level

Bonus Amounts by Level: Your own residual Pay amounts by level

Partner Bonus Income Generated: Total Bonus Income Generated

Current Bonus Generated: Current Bonus Income you will receive for Next Pay Cycle (Increases & Undated Daily [bases on productivity])

Current Residual Income Generated: Current Residual Income for Next Pay Cycle [Increases & Updated Daily [based on expansion productivity])

Bonuses Paid to date (Dates & Amount): Pay received thus far

Total Bonus & Residual Paid to Date

Allow 24 Hours for information to update | *stc (Reps may have different percentages Subject to Change by rep, however, once set, generally doesn't change unless there's an organizational change that increases percentage distribution payout).














When activating a 'NEW' referred partner, ensure you help them fill in the application, enter & complete payment, call the office & document their representative# then assist them with quick connecting. The web is updated every 24 Hours at 3am until the instant updating system is installed. +Vision Manifest

Partner Name: Executive  |  Partner ID#: 100100101

Easy as 1, 2 & 3. Now Your 'FREE'!

We are updating our site so you may enter Valuable Partner information directly online securely in the very near future. In the meanwhile, Download the Quick Connect(QC) form directly from the page (right click & save) & fill it in by hand.When you submit your form (by email and/or mail, fax and/or call in your update, the system update(s) your org chart page within 24 Hours. 'NEW' Partners ADD & Review  See guidelines and/or notes regarding accepting currency on the Orientation Page. Remember to Keep identity information private & utilize 'TRUST' policies as required by IUSO VM Security Protocol.

'NEED' Help Quick Connecting (QC) your 1st 5 when activating?

Make a 'Potential Connect' list using our easy CONTACT LIST

If you don't have 5 Referrals, we'll Help you get 5. Just Ask!

Don't have 5? No Worries!

Quick Connect (QC) Pool

Coming Soon.

Select 5 from the Pool.

and/or Join the Pool!

When entering application, have your 1st 5 names ready for Online Input

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