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The 'Vision Manifest' opportunity does not require training for general executive partners. Training, Productivity Meetings & other helpful informational meetings are available to those seeking to assist in operating office(s) in an executive and/or administrative capacity.          

Friday Productivity Meetings are at 1pm

TIPS: When selecting your first 5 Quick Connect (QC) partners, Remember. You can activate partners in other regions as well. There are 4 regions & Vision Manifest encourages connecting with partners in other states.

As we install offices in other regions, partners from and/or connected to other regions are valuable assets. Insure you contact your family members in all states (and/or countries), networking partners, associates with organizational and/or fraternal entities, etc. when insuring your strongest connections are included in your Wealth Team when Quick Connecting (QC).

It helps in many instances to Introduce your referring and/or Executive Partner to your church (or religious) leader, Philanthropic Lodge or temple Master, Coach, Family Authority, Etc. so we can insure those you are closest to can experience such valuable &  incredible increase(s) in wealth abundance & prosperity. What we've all Been Waiting for ... 'Vision Manifest'!

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