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Unlimited Wealth. Vision Manifest Schedule

Author, Entrepreneur & Award Winning Motivational Speaker Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier speaks to youth & professionals alike about setting 'NEW' goals after achieving goals previously Set. Stay tuned for the Seminar schedule to span 10 Major U.S. Cities. We have also added the ('FREE' for guest) wealth income program activating 'FREE' residual monthly income for all guest. Money is not our focus. Materializing dreams & Visions is what we do, however, unlimited wealth is a dream for more than 80% the global population thus , making manifesting more than 80% our attending guest dreams a reality instantly by distributing perpetual residual income. It's your inheritance. Our guest right. Note: Those whom have not registered as guest may accomplish receiving unlimited wealth by investing. Select Guest Speakers are expected to share self improvement methods while we learn manifestation techniques.

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