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GROUP Incentives

The more the merrier. Make more money with increased numbers



*Fraternities & Sororities



Employee Incentive Programs

*In service Income Module

*Extra Monthly Income

*0 Down Purchase Power^

*Coworkers, Member, Guest. Partners

Increased group numbers mean you, your organization, owners, members, clients, guest, management, etc. Make more. Add up to $4,500.00 or more to existing salaries. Ongoing weekly bonus & Monthly residual lump sum payment.

^Housing & Automotive authorizations with insurance & accompanying residual income. Apply as a group or individually today for the increase in income most effective for your 'NEEDS'.

Entertainment artist/Talent FCALS Residual Incentives. Coming Soon

Already an active Partner with a Group?

Contact 'MANIFESTATION RELATIONS' for Help with partnering your group.

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