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Vison Manifest

Posess the 'Power' to Manifest Visions. A 'VISION MANIFEST'!

1.   Introduction

        Tell ‘US’ Your Visions. Tell ‘US’ Your Dreams

11. How to Manifest Your Visions

     Take steps in the directional path competing your dreams has walked


III. Connecting Spirituality to the Physical experience. Instantly Manifesting

      Transforming your future instantly.


IV: Instant Investment Returns (IIR) Awards to audience Members

        100% Investment Currency Return Distribution at the event (Cash, Stocks & Accounts)

       1-  7 Day PHASE 1 Completion Plan

       7-14 Day PHASE 2 Completion Plan

V. Your 'NEW' Wealth. Seeing Your Vision Manifest

       Count Your Returns (How much are you going home with)

       Calculating your Residuals

       How & what will you invest your returns on

VI. Training

        Simple Marketing methods to share investing to others

       Finalizng a 'NEW' investors Application

       Stay Involved

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