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Among other programs, IUSO 'Vision Manifest' philanthropic efforts satisfy giving back as all partners are included as helping hands in balancing social 'NEED'. Providing income, housing  placement management, rehabilitation & the Help many 'NEED' globally as a collective acceptable solution for applying our wealth in areas only the IUSO 'Vision Manifest' could ever possibly resolve. See a Homeless in 'NEED'? You can Help!!!


'Making a Way'

The Best 'HELP' You can give is Partnering! Apply & Invest.

Help homeless receive housing & 'Get Paid'! The more activating partners, the more income you make. Again & Again. Just Click the Lords Shelter Link & Apply!

'*Vision Manifest' partnership rules apply. instant bonus & first residual payments are utilized for housing placement. Same application. individual(s) and/or group(s). A great way you'll make more while giving back!

Currency Consideration?

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