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Ahjahman Banyon R. Frazier


Extended more than a Million in private corporate stock securities to manage others Vision(s), Entrepreneur, Author, Entertainer & sport(s) enthusiast Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier is Dedicated & Commited to Success.

Having Written 4 Books (including Thinking Big, Big Thinking, international Code & Regulatory policies as well as the 'WEALTH GUIDE' that has been a huge success around the world, Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier bring(s) us a successful story. A Tale that some call a 'Rags to Riches' story comes home when Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier shares how he has been able to make such extensively helpful information available to others whom are in 'NEED' seeking to make adidtional currency.

After going global with underground musical greats, driving down the street listening to what the Music Industry Calls K.B. aka Trillion's Music is not a foreign experience. With more than 700 Song(s) spanning the globe, acquiring wealth in more than $10 Million in Valued right(s) to his own musical masterpiece(s), Ahjahman tells how to stay focused through the storms & accomplish a desired goal. With an


international organization that pursues happiness, Wealth & Abundance, Mr. Frazier's greatest work has yet to have been done. Working within a Billion Dollar Network with the world's greatest intelligence, Ahjahman has designed a systematic money making machine amongst the worlds finest in design. With a global business network, utilizing MLM Organizational Structured Compensation Plan concept(s), the words 'Keep it Simple' are coupled with an organization that requires no sales, product and/or  generalized entrepreneurialship. 


How much does it take to open a store, business, purchase stock shares or invest in just about anything?


Ahjahman has watched Millionaires invest 100's in thousands to Millions in opportunities that yield low percentage(s) in return(s), Parents invest in thier child(s) education & even seen street pettlers invest $50 with dream(s) to double or tripple thier return. 

Wealth Doesn't cost Anything. You're Investing in Your Business. Your Money Isn't Spent. It Increases in Value!

When you can invest $100.00, gain access to your own personal office, Private Corporate 800 Extension, Get mail & Double your money within 7 Days followed by a fully compensating compensation plan able to Pay you more than $17,000.00 distributing currency into your account(s) more than 5 Times a Month (in 49 Days), you've made it to the top.

Dedicated to insuring we have a future filled with abundance, Ahjahman invites you to Join 'US' for the next conference call. Also, get ready to attend the upcoming Seminar where you start making Money instantly. Be amongst the group that doubles thier money before you even leave the seminar.

Win Big. Your Futures Secure.  When Your Dedicated & Commited like Ahjahman See your ...


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