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Plan & Host or Locate an Existing Event 'NOW' in Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Atlanta, New York, Florida or anywhere in the 50 States (Including Hawaii). Insure your crowd is entertained to the maximum degree. Great for Clubs, Fraternities & Sororities, Associations, Groups, Graduating Student Body members, teams, friends & More.

Performances & Private Events


Private Artist performances featuring your favorite music so you can get up close & personal with Million Dollar celebrity artist. Sparkling Water, Salad, Fruit Bowls & Fruit Smoothies. The finest Ladies & Gentlemen Preferred. Upscale Crowd. Host and/or find the private events for you today.



Pool Parties

Appealing Bathing/Swim Suit wear for an appealing crowd. Upscale networking guest are welcome to CluB Campusland private Pool Parties where girls get Wet & Wild while guys stay poised & rightfully admire. Attend or Plan & Host.



Lingerie Parties


Feature the Hottest Lingerie & enjoy yourselves while having fun with others who like and/or wear lingerie. We also host lingerie and/or other type fashion show parties. Teens Welcome. 



Dance Parties


whether Hip Hop, Contemporary, Erotic, Exotic or just plain anything goes, you can Plan & Host or find an existing party to refer your group to. Swing our way to find the latest private event locations

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