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About Us

Club Campusland. Where you (both host & guest) are treated like Stars. Celebrity style event fun includes dancing, fun, music entertainment performances, networking, income opportunities & More.

Pool Parties, private Events with Luxury amenities, safe upscale guest (small & large groups), Pajama parties, Lingerie Parties, Graduation Parties, School Dance Fun & more. Photographers & Video Available upon Request (at private Parties & entertainment performances).


As a Club Campus Land Partner, you can invest as little as $100.00 into hosting an event & make instant $200.00 return before the event date from advanced registration. Also, pay Partners/Promoters 10-15% (Generally $5-$25 (more or less) per guest (depending on entry Price) for all paid guest on Partners/Promoter(s) guest list (Advance & Door Admittance). Make Hundreds to Thousands a night Guaranteed.! Generate Monthly income on event(s) your not hosting by promoting. When your not promoting, your effective promoters (or Club CampusLand) team with paying guestlist will be glad to do it for you. Get Paid on all the entertainment fun whether your there or not. Great for Host & Dancers.  To SCHEDULE AN EVENT or PROMOTE with Club Calpusland CLICK HERE or Contact Club CampusLand at (800) 273-0580 Ext. 809

Note: Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking are prohibited at Club Campusland Event(s).

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